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Would you like to learn bike fitting?

Are you new to bike fitting or do you have previous experience? Would like to learn bike fitting for mountain bikes, road bikes or maybe for time trial/triathlon bikes? Regardless of your level of prior training and experience and regardless of your specific area of interest, we have the right course for you! 

In cooperation with Torke Cyckling, an internationally renowned bike fitting institute in England, we offer a broad range of courses. Our courses are accredited by the International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) in England and are all designed with a view to teaching state-of-the-art techniques that will enable course participants to do bikefits at the highest professional level. Our courses focus on teaching participants both the theory behind bike fitting techniques and the practical application of these techniques. But we do more than that – our overriding aim is to ensure that when you have completed your course, not only are you fully equipped to do a professional bikefit but you also possess that bit extra it takes for riders to experience the “WOW” factor when you do their bikefits.  

To ensure the best possible learning environment, we teach small, intimate classes – all our courses have a maximum of only 5 participants.  Also, our instructors are some of the very best around, all highly trained and vastly experienced, chosen for their infectious enthusiasm and superb teaching skills. Comprehensive course materials are distributed to participants at the start of each course and on completion of a course, course certificates are issued to participants. Furthermore, you earn credits towards your IBFI certification if you are a member of IBFI. 

Nordic Bike Fitting Academy Levels

Our courses are taught at all levels, from an introductory course through to the most advanced specialist courses. All courses are assigned a NBFA Level (Nordic Bike Fitting Academy Level) according to the following grading system:  

Level 1: First qualification – Introductory course to bike fitting, qualifying graduates to perform a basic bikefit at a professional level, primarily for road bikes.

Level 2: Advanced qualification – Building on Level 1, Level 2 courses are in-depth courses specialised in either body positioning or foot correction/saddle selection. Course participants will be qualified to apply advanced techniques and methods for individual bike fitting optimisation for road bikes (body position) and across cycle types (foot correction/saddle selection).

Level 3: Master qualification – Courses taught at the very highest level in the industry in a narrow, specialist field such as cycle type (off road bikes or Time Trial/Triathlon bikes), torque analysis or the application of video analysis. On completion, graduates will master the world’s most advanced and modern fitting techniques to achieve the best bike setup possible.    

Course overview

Course    NBFA Level*    Duration     Price excl VAT (DKK)**  Course description
Bikefit Pro12 days5,000  Click here for more info  
Body Position22.5 days7,500  Click here for more info
Foot Activation & Saddle Selection  22.5 days7,500  Click here for more info
TT/Tri Position31 day2,500  Click here for more info  
Off Road Position31 day2,500Click here for more info
Custom Frame Design31 day2,500Click here for more info
Torque Analysis31 day2,500Click here for more info

*Nordic Bike Fitting Academy course level.

**If you are a group of people signing up for a course, you may be eligible for a discount. Please contact us for further information.

Bikefit Pro (Level 1; 40 IBFI credits): This course introduces you to bike fitting by teaching you the basic steps involved in a fit. By taking this course, you will learn to master the techniques necessary to perform a modern bike fit on your own. This course is suitable for beginners with no or little prior bike fitting training. The course takes 2 days and is taught in either English or Danish depending on the preference of the course participants. Click here for more info

Body Position (Level 2; 100 IBFI credits): This course teaches you the world’s best and most advanced techniques and methods for optimising individual riders for the most efficient power transmission, endurance and injury prevention in relation to the positioning of their shoes, saddle and bars. The course is invaluable for professionals (eg coaches, bike fitters, physiotherapists) working with riders to enhance their performance and avoiding discomfort and injury. It runs over 2.5 days and is taught in English. Prior training/experience equivalent to Bikefit 1 is required. Click here for more info

Foot Activation & Saddle Selection (Level 2; 100 IBFI credits): Any serious runner will tell you how important his running shoes are in optimising his performance and prevent discomfort and injuries. Cycling should be no different. The first part of this course will teach you the techniques for optimal foot correction (arch support and wedging). The second part teaches methods for saddle choice and positioning for the best possible pelvis/saddle interaction. Taking this course is a must for people (eg coaches, bike fitters, physiotherapists) working professionally with riders. It is taught over 2.5 days in English. Minimum required training/experience equivalent to Bikefit Pro. Click here for more info   

Time Trial (TT)/Triathlon (Tri) (Level 3; 40 IBFI credits): Speed, aerodynamics and extended time in a fixed position on the bike are common challenges for TT riders who are trying to clock the fastest possible time as well as for Tri riders who, in addition to racing the clock, are also having to preserve energy for the run. This course teaches you to successfully address these issues when fitting a bike to a TT/Tri rider to optimise his performance. The course is suitable for fitters who as a minimum have taken Bikefit 1 (or equivalent), however, to get the full benefit you are recommended to have taken our Body Position course (or equivalent) before joining this course.  The course runs over 1 day and is taught in English. Click here for more info

Off Road Position (Level 3; 40 IBFI credits): Off road riding on gravel, rock or on a wet and muddy surface can be hard on bike and rider alike, and can be very diffrent to road bikeing. This course teaches you to achieve the best possible bike setup for mountain and cyclocross bikes, and is aimed at profesionals (eg coaches, bike fitters, physiotherapists) working with riders to maximise their performance. To take this course participants are reuqired to have prior training commensurate with Bikefit 1, however, to get the full benefit it is advisable to take our Body Position course in advance of signing on for this course. The duration of the course is 1 day and it is taught in English. Click here for more info

Custom Flame Design (Level 3; 40 IBFI credits): Click here for more info

Torque analysis (Level 3; 40 IBFI credits): Click here for more info

Course calendar 2022

Please see below for scheduled training courses for 2022.  Some of our level 2 and 3 courses are not finally scheduled before 3 participants have signed up. Hence, if there are no scheduled dates for your course of interest, please contact us at +45 40714263 or at so we can register your interest and schedule a course.

October 8-92022Bikefit ProAnders Beckmann   Herlev (Copenhagen) 
 Coming ComingBody PositionTony CorkeHerlev (Copenhagen)
Coming2022 Foot Activation & Saddle Selection  Tony CorkeHerlev (Copenhagen)
Coming2022Off Road PositionTony CorkeHerlev (Copenhagen)
 Coming 2022TT/TriTony CorkeHerlev (Copenhagen)
Coming2022Torque AnalysisTony CorkeHerlev (Copenhagen)
To be decided To be decidedCustom Framer DesignTony CorkeHerlev (Copenhagen)

Practical information*If you are a group of people signing up for a course, the venue can be changed to your own site or, alternatively, another address chosen by you. Please contact us for further information.


Our courses are held at our studio in Herlev (Copenhagen):

Nordic Bikefit Studio

Marielundvej 32B 2tv

2730 Herlev


If you are a group of people signing up for a course, the venue can be changed to your own site or, alternatively, another address chosen by you. Please contact us to discuss further. 


Course fees are listed above. All course fees are exclusive of VAT. 

If you are a group of people signing up for a course, you may be eligible for a discount. Please contact us for further information.

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To book a course or register your interest in a course, please contact us at + 45 40714263 or at